Pelham Godard  Mr. Pelham Goddard  the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from The UWI St, Augustine Campus  – DLitt

Exodus Steel Orchestra takes Pan Trinbago to court over song change between Panorama rounds

Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama 2019 –   Renegades wins playing the tune Hookin’ Meh

flag flashcard St. Vincent & The Grenadines Panorama 2019 – Starlift Steel Orchestra wins St Vincent and the Grenadines 2019 Panorama

St. Lucia Panorama 2019 – Babonneau Steel Orchestra wins – watch Panorama 2019 video

Toronto –  Pan Alive Panorama 2019 – Pan Fantasy wins 2019 Panorama title

Antigua & Barbuda National Panorama – Hells Gate Steel Orchestra wins 2019

Grenada National Panorama 2019 Competition –  New Dimension wins

UK Panorama 2019 – Mangrove Steelband Wins 2019 Panorama title

New York Steelpan New York Panorama 2019 – D’Radoes Steel Orchestra wins 2019 Panorama title

Invaders & Starlift Steel Orchestra pioneer Errol “Augmented” Zephyrine is alive and well. News of his April 6th 2019, passing were greatly exaggerated.

Errol Zephyrine Errol Zephyrine or “Augmented” as he liked to be called, was an original member of the Shell Invaders from the late fifties through the sixties. He was one of the four members selected to play one of the four Double Seconds introduced for the first time by the late Dr. Ellie Mannette or “ELLIE” as we called him. It was the year of “Liberstraum”, and Lord Melody’s “Michael Be a Man.”


The Double Seconds were entirely new to everyone at that time, but in a short period he mastered the playing of the Double Seconds and made it a platform to launch his unique arrangements which was one of the elements that gave Invaders it’s very distinguished sound. He was also responsible for introducing chord structures and their names, hence the nick name “Augmented.” He was very insistent that we knew every note of all the chords and also what combination of notes were to be played on each of the pans. He was truly a great teacher and one of the pioneers that was know by only a few of our generation but his innovations will always live on even when they have no idea where and when it all got started.

“AUGMENTED”. Ansel Joseph

Toronto All Stars Steel Orchestra Toronto All Stars Steel Orchestra was one of the featured performances during the Toronto Raptors Parade Celebrating their NBA 2019 Championship – June 17, 2019




In Memoriam – 2019

Rudy Wells Rudy Wells arranger and educator passes on January 13, 2019,

Cliff Alexis Dr. Clifford Alexis, Arranger, Tuner, Band Leader, Educator, Pan Pioneer and Legend passes – 29th of January 2019

Glenda Gamory Glenda Gamory, outstanding President of the iconic Pantonic Steel Orchestra passes – 9th of May 2019

  1. Allan O’Connor, founder of the NIU Steelband program G. Allan O’Connor, founder of the NIU Steelband program, has passed away – June 9, 2019

Curtis Pierre Curtis Pierre of Dixieland Steel Orchestra, has passed away – September  8, 2019

Curtis Pierre  Legendary musician Aldwin Albino, has passed away – September  12, 2019

Gabiel “Doyle” Robley  Ace tuner Gabriel “Doyle” Robley, has passed away – October  3, 2019

Patrick Worrell aka “Bele”  Respected  tuner Patrick Worrell aka “Bele” born 21 September 1943,  has passed away – November  12, 2019

Vanya Reid  Educator and Panist Vanya Reid,  passed – November  22, 2019

Wilfred Harris  Tuner and Panist Wilfred Harris, fondly known as ‘Harro’ has passed – December  17, 2019


2019 20th Century Steel Band’s “Heaven & Hell Is On Earth” is sampled by Orlando Voorn

Make a Living by Orlando Voorn (2019)

Vocals / Lyrics
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