Bertie Marshall Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama dedicated to  innovator Bertie Marshall

Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama 2013 – Phase II Phase II Pan Groove Wins Championship with tune “More Love”

flag flashcard St. Vincent & Grenadines Panorama 2013 – Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra wins

Montreal 2013 International Panorama – Salah’s Steelpan Academy wins 2013 Panorama title

St. Lucia National Panorama 2013 – PanTime Steel Orchestra wins 2013 Panorama title

Antigua and Barbuda National Panorama – Hells Gate Steel Orchestra wins 2013 Panorama

Toronto –  Pan Alive Panorama 2013 – Pan Fantasy wins 2013 Panorama title

Grenada – New Dimension Wins Grenada’s National Panorama 2013 Competition

UK Panorama 2013 – Reel Steel Steelband Wins 2013 Panorama title

New York Steelpan New York Panorama 2013 – CASYM Wins 2013 Panorama title

The Codrington Pan Family – Pan Is Beautiful XII – Orchestra Class – 2013 Champions

SVG Sybil Millington (Dean) St. Vincent and the Grenadines first woman #steelpan player passes – Nov 7th 2013

First Australian Steelband Festival was held in April 2013

Circa September 2013 — A 24” G-Pan styled experimental drum launched with subsequent high demand for the drums for manufacture of basses, in particular, as well as for tenor pans

October 2013 and June 2013 — UWI and Pan Trinbago enter into collaboration under MOUs for steelpan R&D and for Pan Trinbago access to facilities to house, at the SIP Macoya facility, equipment for steelpan drum manufacture following donation of drum manufacture equipment from National Petroleum. The facility now produces two lines of drums for steelpan manufacture, one traditional and one G-pan styled.

2013  20th Century Steel Band’s “Heaven & Hell Is On Earth” is sampled by Tapesh & Dayne S

Got to Live by Tapesh and Dayne S (2013)

Vocals / Lyrics
Electronic / Dance


2013  20th Century Steel Band’s “Heaven & Hell Is On Earth” is sampled by Mark Pritchard

Make a Livin’ by Mark Pritchard (2013)

Vocals / Lyrics
Electronic / Dance