Trinidad and Tobago government, in May, granted patent for G-Pan

United States Steelband Association elects new board of directors – New York, USA – A new beginning, era and focus were ushered into the steelband movement as a new administration took the helm of the North American-based steelband music organization, United States Steelband Association (USSA)

NAS (National Association of Steelbands) second steelband association forms in New York

Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama 2010 – Silver Stars win playing the tune Battle Zone

Pan in The 21st Century 2010 – Sforzata wins

St. Vincent & Grenadines Panorama 2010 – Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra wins

Montreal 2010 International Panorama – Salah’s Steelpan Academy wins

Grenada National Panorama 2010 – cancelled

St. Lucia National Panorama 2010 – cancelled

Antigua & Barbuda Panorama 2010 – Halcyon wins

UK Junior Panorama   2010- CSI Steelband Trust wins

UK Panorama 2010 – Ebony wins

2010 I was the Musical Director and arranger for “Pan On Fire” composed by the Defosto for  Raspo, led by Mary Jenis I was robbed, watch the video and analyse the video for yourself:

Toronto Panorama 2010 – Salah’s Steelpan Academy wins

New York Panorama 2010 – Sonatas Steel Orchestra wins

July 2010 – G Pan US patent awarded

St. Lucia – The late musician Augustus ‘Pan’ Andrew passes. Pan Andrew was the leader of the Big Six orchestra and was a pioneer of steelband music. He was associated with Turks steelband. He played piano with his Big Six orchestra. He was 74.


2010  20th Century Steel Band’s “Heaven & Hell Is On Earth” is sampled by Dark Society

Hands Up by Dark Society (2010)

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