Trinidad Panorama 2005 – Phase II Phase II Pan Groove wins playing Trini Gone Wild

Pan in The 21st Century 2005 – Desperadoes win

World Steelband Music Festival 2005 – Exodus Steel Orchestra wins

St. Vincent Panorama 2005 – Starlift Steel Orchestra win

St. Lucia Panorama 2005 – Diamond Steel wins

Antigua Panorama 2005 – Gemonites win

Grenada Panorama 2005 – Angel Harps win

Toronto Panorama 2005 – Pan Fantasy wins

UK Panorama 2005 – Ebony wins

New York Panorama 2005 – Pantonic wins

New York Panorama 2005 Report Card

2005 Steelband Champions

G-Pans development – Based on previous meetings with then Prime Minister Manning, and the preparation of a draft concept by Brian Copeland and Clement Imbert, Cabinet Note 3308 of 2005 is approved for the provision of funding for ongoing steelpan research at the University of the West Indies “to facilitate its research and development activities for the enhancement of the steel pan musical instrument” — 12-21-2005

*** Master Arranger Clive Bradley – passes away November 26, 2005

2005 Michael Olivier meets West London Producer and music business manager, Jason Price and signs a management agreement with his production company ICE-PR LTD. Jason Price successfully makes copyright claims for sample usage of Heaven & Hell Is On Earth. Jason Price continues to repatriate Michael with royalties from many undeclared sample usages from various platinum award winning artists. An agreement is reached with his publishing company to settle various infringements and royalties owed to Michael.


Clive Bradley

December 2005 Trinidad and Tobago Cabinet approves funding for the Steelpan Initiatives Project at the UWI

Pat Bishop can’t say that gender has been a factor in my pan yard activities – which now span so long a period of time that I’ve forgotten when it all started!


I remember once singing with Esso Tripoli steelband and abandoning solo singing soon afterwards in preference for pan arranging.


In those days I worked feverishly to find out what the instrument could do and I lived with the pans of Birdsong in my house for a very long time They were very kind and they soon let me arrange for them, starting with simple hymn tunes.  And so too did many, many more bands.


The Classical Festival was to become the event for which my major work was done, but I also started to drill and clean up Panorama arrangements and do critical pan commentary for Radio Trinidad.


…. I should also add that I suppose that my presence in so many panyards over the years must have rustled some masculine feathers but they have kept that a deep, dark secret from me – which is just as well since I don’t suppose that I would have taken any notice!!


—  Pat Bishop.  read more – from WST Article … March -2005


2005 20th Century Steel Band’s “Heaven & Hell Is On Earth” is sampled by Paul Kalkbrenner

Gebrunn Gebrunn by Paul Kalkbrenner (2005)

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