Harmonites win Antigua Panorama with “Air On G String” – Rupert ‘Teela’ Parker arranger

Panasonic wins Panorama in Grenada

Coca Cola Harmonites wins St. Vincent Panorama

Starlift win Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) Panorama with the tune The Bull

CDC (Carnival Development Committee) is the sole sponsor of Trinidad &Tobago

Panorama Police Superintendent Anthony Prospect suggests steel orchestras use ‘Concert Pitch’ when tuning, “A” above middle “G”, 440Hz, (universally accepted pitch)

North Stars Steel Orchestra holds recital with Winifred Atwell at Queen’s Hall

Merle Albino-de Coteau becomes arranger and musical director for Chase Manhattan Savoy

Guyana – The National Music Festival and the National Steelband Competition – again the winning band for both events was the formidable Demtoco Silvertones.

Ebony Steelband formed 1969 – UK