National Steelband of Trinidad and Tobago 1967

Trinidad and Tobago National Steelband performs at Expo ’67 in Montreal, Canada

(“A troupe of dancers and the 22 members of the’ National Steelband left for Expo ‘67 on August 11, George Goddard  was manager of the band. The 22 panmen were: – [ pictured bottom row left to right]  David Edwards of Gale Stars, Ëmlvn Harewood of Starland, Steve Regis of West Stars, Glenford Sobers of Crosswinds, Roderick Toussaint of City Kids, Clunls Clarke of Casbah Tobago), [pictured middle row left to right] Lennox Mohammed of Cavaliers, Michael Alleyne of Scarlet Symphony, Carlyle Jordan of Dixie Harps,  Elton John of City Symphony,  Gordon Barrow of Scherzando, Randolph St. Louis of Renegades, Bertram Kellman of Southern Marines, [pictured top row left to right]  Herman Collins of Sun Valley,  Sylvester Nicholas of Tropical Harmony,  David La Barrie of Sputniks, Rafael Passey of Fonclaire,  Morris Romeo of Starlift (Tobago), [not pictured] Pedro Alexander Pereira of Blue Diamonds,   Cabot Paul of Trinidad Symphony, Dean Kirton of Kintups, and Emmanuel Riley of Invaders” – George “Sonny” Goddard)

Tripoli Steelband Under the leadership of Hugh Borde, Tripoli performed at the 1967 World’s Fair in Montreal, Canada, following which they were booked for an extensive concert tour and television appearances with the famous American pianist Liberace.

Hettie J. Mejias- deGannes (maiden name is Mejias) is the Panorama arranger for  Silhouettes in Cocoyea Village 1967 – the tune of choice is “Don’t Come Back Again” by Lord Kitchener

Hells Gate win Antigua Panorama

ESSO Engro Steel Orchestra wins St. Vincent Panorama

Cavaliers Steel Orchestra logo  Cavaliers win Trinidad & Tobago Panorama with the tune Sixty-seven

Anthony Williams suggests local tunes to be used with test pieces

Desperadoes tour Zambia


“I am Aldwin Albino who organized the band at the school. Martin is my younger brother. I was posted to Calvary R.C. in August,1965 after graduating from Government Training College. This was the first time that the school year in Trinidad had changed from January to July. Mr.Cyrille was my headteacher, and with his permission as well as the Rosary R.C. Church parish priest I received the green light to approach President George Goddard to obtain pans from Angostura Starlift for the project. The year was 1967, and I was also at that time the music director on Holly Betaudier’s program Scouting for Talent, and as fate would have it Angostura also sponsored Scouting for Talent. Thanks again for your helpful research.”   —  Aldwin Albino.