Hells Gate wins Antigua Panorama

Police Steel Orchestra wins St. Vincent & the Grenadines Panorama for 3rd consecutive time

Pan Am North Stars logo North Stars win Trinidad & Tobago Panorama with the tune Mama Dis is Mas

North Stars expelled from Association by general membership

Rudolph Charles elected leader of Desperadoes, and later he will introduce:

chromed pans

nine bass

quadraphonic pan

triple tenor

rocket bass

aluminum canopies


Players chosen for National Steelband performance in USA:

Emmanuel Riley (Invaders), Errol Zephrine (Starlift), David Samuel (Prodigals), Rudolph Johnson (Fascinators), Norbert Augustine (Wonderland Symphony), Lennox Glean (Wonderland), Kelvin Hart (City Syncopators), Herman Collins (Sun Valley), Osmond Charles (Savoys), Hugh Borde (Tripoli), Steve Regis (Sun Downers), Morrison Romeo (Starlift – Tobago), Lennox “Bobby” Mohammed (Cavaliers), Glenford Sobers (Crosswinds), Herbert Benjamin (Casbah – Tobago), Elton John (City Symphony), Kenneth Bennett (San Juan All Stars), Clifford Alexis (Stereophonics), Vincent Hernandez (Satisfiers), Desmond Hernandez (Melodiscs), Randolph St Louis (Renegades), Edgar Pouchet (Silver Stars)

National Steelband performs in Michigan, West Virginia, Santa Fe, New Mexico – USA

Trinidad and Tobago National Steelband 1964

Trinidad and Tobago Steel Band returns from 1964 tour —–

listen to an exclusive interview about the 1964 tour with Clifford Alexsis

The Silvertones Steel Orchestra was selected to play for Queen Elizabeth II, who was visiting Guyana

Aruba – The first Carnival steel band competition ever was organized in 1964. Eight steel bands competed in a legendary competition. The Merrymakers, the Devils, the Curacao Heroes, the Long Gun Boys, the Paradera Steelband, The Silver Stars, The Allstars, and the Aruba Invaders were all talented groups which produced the most amazing sounds. Finally the Aruba Invaders won with their variant of the theme from exodus, making them the first Aruban steel band competition win.

Sterling Betancourt formed Nostalgia –  ‘Pan-round-the-neck’ in the United Kingdom

Russell Henderson Steelband first to play at the now Notting Hill Carnival April 1964