In 1955, costumed steel band tramps accentuated the Coronation Day celebrations. According to one report, shortly after midday, the best- dressed steel band – the Quo Vadis marched as units of the Royal Navy and with a following of over one thousand took to the streets of Georgetown. Striped ‘Admirals’ in navy blue led the bandsmen who were clad in white. The Chicago Steel Band resplendent with the Union Jack stopped at Government house in Carmichael Street and played a perfect rendition of ‘Rule Britannica’ and ‘God save the Queen’ for Lady Savage,” the wife of Governor Alfred Savage. At Camp Street the Texans and Tripoli, each with a following of over two thousand, clashed. However, unlike in previous years, they did not stop, but continued to play their music with the hope of attracting supporters from the other side. — Lloyd Kandasammy

Harold Adolphus Philips (15 January 1929 – 5 July 2000), known as Lord Woodbine, was a Trinidadian calypsonian and music promoter. He is regarded by some as the musical mentor of The Beatles, and has been called the “sixth Beatle”.  He played a tenor pan as part of the first professional steel band in England, the All Caribbean Steel Band, which was formed by Gerry Gobin in 1955, and played regularly at the Joker’s Club and then the Jacaranda Club in Liverpool, owned by Allan Williams. Philips later played with the All Caribbean Steel Band in their television appearance on the Opportunity Knocks in July 1965.  read more on Lord Woodbine

Montreal, Canada —

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The first steelband from Trinidad to reach Montreal was Dixie Stars in 1955 as the Esso Steel band, sponsored by Imperial Oil. From there they made a tour across Canada, ending up in Vancouver. They(not all) returned by boat. On reaching Aruba, some took a plane back to Trinidad. Others , including my brother, stayed on board the ship until it reached England. Except for a small side from the band that Rudy Commissiong had taken to Bermuda the year before, that was the end of the band.  See more