Trinidad All Steel Percussion Orchestra (TASPO)

Arrival of Steelpan in the UK. Taspo 1951

Trinidad All Steel Percussion Orchestra (TASPO) established

Lieutenant Griffith of St. Lucia Police Band is musical director

formed specifically for Festival of Britain

toured France and United Kingdom for 3 months

11 best players from the country, 13 reserves

Orman “Patsy” Haynes / Casablanca

“Boots” Davidson / City Syncopators

Sterling Betancourt / Crossfire

  1. De Labastide / Chicago

Dudley Smith / Rising Sun

Winston “Spree” Simon / Tokyo

Granville Sealey / Tripoli

Clive Belgrave / Southern Symphony

Ellie Mannette / Invaders

Anthony Williams / Sun Valley

Sonny Roache

Theo Stephen / Free French

Operation Britain – to raise $15,000 for TASPO

July 6, TASPO departs on San Mateo, Sonny Roache ill, left behind in Martinique

September, Winston Spree gets contract to teach pan music at University of Nigeria & Ghana


3 drum bass boom

2 drum cello boom

establish complete chromatic range of notes from ping pong to bass