Hells Gate Steel Orchestra of Antigua & Barbuda in 1950

Hells Gate Steel Orchestra of Antigua & Barbuda in 1950

Jit Sukha Samaroo – Dr. Jit Samaroo was born on 24 February, 1950, Lopinot, Trinidad.

Steelband Committee setup by government to investigate steelband violence and to find solutions

Cannon M.E. Farquhar – chairman

George E. Mose – chief probation officer

Carlyle P. Kerr – solicitor

Lennox O. Pierre – solicitor

Albert Gomes defends steelband men

“Public should discipline Steelband prejudices”, January 8, Sunday Guardian “Behind the Curtain” column

White college students play pan in streets of Port of Spain, later to become Texaco Dixieland

Steelbands clash

Feb 21 Invaders attacks Tokyo (on Carnival Tuesday)

Mar 2 Casablanca & Invaders meet, agree to bury hatchet… meeting attacked… bombarded with stones & bottles…

Mar 6 More steelbands agree to end clashes, meeting at Old Prison Quarry, more than 500 members and supporters present from March Hill 60, Invaders, Casablanca, Destination Tokyo, Crusaders, Merry Maker, All Stars and Desperadoes

Cannon Farquhar defends steelband men

link to “dark past of slavery, plus a century of economic deprivation”, March 12, Sunday Guardian

Carnival Parade of Bands begin in the Savannah  — Trinidad

Steelband Association formed by Lennox Pierre & Carlyle Kerr

President Sidney Gallop of Crusaders

76 bands joined

banned steelband competition for next 5 years

poor judging contributing factor to violent clashes between steelbands

introduced steelband recital (June)

Boscoe Holder and Troupe  including steelpan tours UK – 1950